Project 5009

The Next Level

What is Project 5009?

It takes more than just a building to make a church – it takes committed people; people who have fellowship with one another and, most importantly, with God. The hand of the Lord is upon Raleigh North Christian Center and has been from the very beginning. In 2000, we were a small group of believers who had a great vision to reach our community for Christ. Today, we have touched the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Now God is calling us to expand our facilities. We believe the success of our Project 5009 capital stewardship campaign is vital to the continued growth and ministry of our church to our community.

Project 5009 is an initiative to build a 92,000 square foot new multipurpose facility on 21 acres of land located on 5009 Louisburg Road. The facility will have a state of the art Youth Church, a 2000 seat sanctuary, a chapel, two full-size basketball courts (which will serve as the fellowship hall), as well as space for additional offices. The facility will enable RNCC to offer new community focused programs such as after school care, youth track out programs, senior care, online education classes and a variety of wellness programs.

Initiatives of Project 5009

The framework for the future campus of Raleigh North Christian Center is contained in six initiatives :

1. Empower, Educate, & Excite the Next Generation: Physically & Academically Driven After-school Care S.T.E.A.M based Track Out Programs A Fun destination spot for all ages Back to School Celebrations, Purity Conferences, Ongoing teachings in Spiritual Growth & the Arts. Eventually, the Raleigh North School*

2. Teaching Center: Ministers & Community Leaders to teach Biblically Based Courses for Everyday Life (Spiritual Gifts, Finance, Divorce Care, Parenting, Health & Nutrition, Arts & Music, Entrepreneurship, etc.)

3. Spiritual Oasis: Powerful teachings by Dr. Chapman (S.T.E.P.), Prayer Rooms, Teaching Curriculums, Noonday Bible Studies, Place of Retreat for Individuals, Married couples, and Families

4. Community Care Catalyst: Partnering with National & Local programs to support individuals & families who need: Access to Bible-Based Counseling, Support Reentering the Workforce: “interview ready wear”, resume building workshops/interview skills, Access to Bible based Support Groups (Widows, Orphans, Parents, etc.), Global Missions Support & Access to Educational Initiatives

5. Emphasis on Our Elderly: Access to Adult Daycare Bridging the Generational Gap with Teens (and older adults) in serving/assisting the Elderly Members of RNCC & the Community

6. Enhancing Physical Health: Providing access to the entire community for the use of our campus for health driven forums. State of the Art facilities for physical fitness & health A Venue for Nutrition/Health Classes to avoid over promising and unbelieving, we have decided to focus only on the six points themselves. These points will serve as a Ministry & Mission outline for RNCC’s new campus.

a. Empower, Educate, & Excite the Next Generation

b. Teaching/ Training Center

c. Spiritual Oasis

d. Community Care Catalyst

e. Emphasis on Our Elderly

f. Enhancing Physical Health


Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works unto the LORD, and your thoughts shall be established.

RNCC has chosen to commit “Project 5009″ back to the Lord and to step out on faith to implement Project 5009. Why? Because His word says, that the Lord will bring forth the manifestation of anything that is committed unto Him. And RNCC believes that God will do greats things for those who can step out on faith and stand on this biblical principle. What have you committed to the Lord?

Join us as we launch out into the deep, believing God that you will partner and He will bring the vision to pass!

Download the Project 5009 Brochure